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Warren Dueck

Trump’s Tax Plans

Donald Trump’s surprise election win has people wondering about his tax plans. Many things said on the campaign trail never result in any change.  To achieve any of his tax plans, Trump will need the cooperation of Congress, including those he likely alienated, if not excoriated during the campaign. Trump has made the common but elusive, if not contradictory promises of tax relief for the middle class, simplification of the tax code and growing the economy without adding debt or… Read More

Warren Dueck

Americans Moving to Canada

Moving to Canada? Here are some things you should know The Canadian government’s immigration website crashed on election night. That might have happened regardless of which candidate won the election. Even if politics in the US was not so polarized, moving to Canada might still be worth some thought. A recent cover of The Economist touted Canada as “liberty gone north”. While Canada has many similarities to the US, the differences are more significant than French and English on cereal… Read More

Warren Dueck

Tax Residency: How Long Can I Be in the US?

The answer is, you can stay in the US as long as you want to, but there may be tax consequences to how long you stay there. There is widespread confusion about residency which isn’t surprising.  The word, “residency” is interpreted differently depending on whether you are talking about tax, immigration, health insurance, etc.  Even within tax law, Canada, the US and the Canada-US tax treaty all have different interpretations of what constitutes residency. This article is about US tax… Read More