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Steven Flynn

Changing Canadian and US Tax Law

Feedback is a valuable tool for improvement.  Whether you are a student seeking advice from a teacher, a professional listening to clients to upgrade service or a young point guard looking to beat a press (pass the basketball instead of dribbling it), we can all evaluate suggestions to help us improve.  Governments and tax authorities are no exception and often seek out comments and feedback on existing or proposed tax changes.  Recently a number of groups and organizations have offered… Read More

Steven Flynn

How Do I Move to Canada – Tax Edition

This week, on the night US primary results came in from Super Tuesday, Citizenship and Immigration Canada reported an increase in its normal website traffic from the US. Google reported a spike in the search term “moving to Canada” in the hours and days after. US citizens moving to Canada need to consider many issues such as immigration, health care, employment and skate size. Our tax laws are different than the US too and below we summarize some of the… Read More


FATCA: Transfer of Banking Information to IRS – Steven Flynn Interviewed by CTV

Steven Flynn was interviewed by Amy Legate-Wolfe at on the topic of dual and US citizens resident in Canada and the impact of the Internal Revenue Services’ FATCA legislation on their banking information.


We’ve added FATCA Seminars for Vancouver

On July 1, 2014 the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act will require Canadian financial institutions to report accounts held by US persons to the IRS. If you are a US person who has not filed US tax returns you may have significant exposure to tax, interest and penalties. The good news: there are ways to minimize your exposure. Our firm has over 20 US and cross-border tax specialists providing US tax return preparations and consulting services for US persons living… Read More


Press Release: FATCA and Non-US Filers, the odds of the IRS finding you are increasing

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                        MEDIA CONTACT Warren Dueck W.L. Dueck & Co LLP 604.242.1401   FATCA and Non-US Filers, the odds of the IRS finding you are increasing March 27, 2014 (Vancouver and Calgary) Tax announcements don’t usually get the same attention as the Olympics, politics or other stories that commonly hit the front page of newspapers.  But if you are a US person who has not complied with your annual US tax filing requirements, you should have paid attention… Read More