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Steven Flynn

Business in Vancouver – Article on how US tax reforms may impact Canadian business

Steven Flynn, a partner with W.L. Dueck & Co. LLP, was interviewed by Business in Vancouver and discussed how potential US tax reforms may impact Canadian businesses.

Steven Flynn

Changing Canadian and US Tax Law

Feedback is a valuable tool for improvement.  Whether you are a student seeking advice from a teacher, a professional listening to clients to upgrade service or a young point guard looking to beat a press (pass the basketball instead of dribbling it), we can all evaluate suggestions to help us improve.  Governments and tax authorities are no exception and often seek out comments and feedback on existing or proposed tax changes.  Recently a number of groups and organizations have offered… Read More

Steven Flynn

Changes to Certain Cross-Border Tax Amounts for 2015

As the calendar changes to 2015, both the Internal Revenue Service and Canada Revenue Agency have changed or left unchanged certain amounts and figures. Below are some of the revised amounts, numbers and limits for the year 2015 relevant to US citizens resident in Canada.


IRS Streamlined Procedures – Update on Non-Residency Requirements

On June 18th, the IRS released revisions to the Streamlined Procedures. Our June 19th blog entry summarized these changes and raised concerns over the non-residency requirement. In particular, the requirement that a person spend more than 330 days outside the US in each of the last three years may disqualify snowbirds, business travelers and frequent cross-border shoppers. On June 20th, the IRS sent two officials to New York University’s Tax Controversy Forum to answer audience questions. Scott Michel from Caplan… Read More

Steven Flynn

Internal Revenue Service announces changes to Streamlined Programs

On June 18th, the Internal Revenue Service announced changes to the Offshore Programs to help ease the tax reporting compliance burden on delinquent taxpayers and assist more taxpayers to come forward to get their US tax return filing obligations up to date.  Now referred to as the “Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures” or “Streamlined Domestic Offshore Procedures” the announcement is welcome news to taxpayers and professionals. The changes impact both taxpayers residing inside and outside the US.  They expand the streamlined… Read More