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Don’t forget about State and Local income tax implications when working in the US!

The domestic tax implications of living and working in one country are generally straight-forward.  While there may be from time to time some complicating domestic tax issues, generally, with a bit of resourcefulness you don’t need to be a tax specialist to resolve the personal tax matter (although you may like to hand it off to a professional!). When a Canadian resident individual working for a Canadian employer starts to work in the United States for that employer, the taxation… Read More


Canada US Tax Treaty – US Nonresident Alien Using “Married Filing Joint” Tax Rates

Two recent client situations remind us that certain provisions in the Canada US Income Tax Convention (“Treaty”) can lower a client’s overall tax liability even where the answer isn’t so obvious when entering information in tax software.   The first example is the subject of today’s blog.  The second example will be posted later this month. A Canadian resident, nonresident alien of the US worked in the US in 2012 as an employee.  The individual was married and his spouse did… Read More