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US Tax Reform Implications for Canadians

Lunch and Learn Seminar June 8, 2017 Join Steven Flynn and Jay Park for an overview of current US tax reforms and what they mean for Canadians with property and business interests in the US. Details are below (click the poster to download). Lunch is included. Space is limited to please RSVP to Nicole Elzinga by email or call 604.242.1414 by June 1, 2017 to reserve your spot. Save Save Save Save Save Save Save

Steven Flynn

Business in Vancouver – Article on how US tax reforms may impact Canadian business

Steven Flynn, a partner with W.L. Dueck & Co. LLP, was interviewed by Business in Vancouver and discussed how potential US tax reforms may impact Canadian businesses.

Warren Dueck

Trump’s Tax Plans

Donald Trump’s surprise election win has people wondering about his tax plans. Many things said on the campaign trail never result in any change.  To achieve any of his tax plans, Trump will need the cooperation of Congress, including those he likely alienated, if not excoriated during the campaign. Trump has made the common but elusive, if not contradictory promises of tax relief for the middle class, simplification of the tax code and growing the economy without adding debt or… Read More


Cross-border Gifts – Application of Article XIII – Gains

Last month, we described a situation where a Canadian resident, nonresident alien of the US used the Canada – US Income Tax Convention (“Treaty”) to reduce their overall tax liability on employment income earned in the US.  The second part of our Treaty example concerns the use of Article XIII to treat gains similar for US and Canadian tax purposes to reduce the overall tax on the gain.  The facts, amounts and details, while theoretical, represent clients’ situations we have… Read More


US Tax vs. Canadian Tax

There are many similarities between the US and Canada, but there are some significant distinctions between US and Canadian tax law especially for US citizens resident in Canada, including permanent residents of the US (“green-card” holders). For the unwary those distinctions may result in substantial US tax liabilities where those differences are not identified in advance. The discussion below highlights three differences, among many, that may trigger unexpected US tax liabilities for US persons resident in Canada. Sale of Principal… Read More