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Warren Dueck

By the Numbers 4 thousand meters swimming twice a week 4 bicycles including a tandem and a track bike 4 grandchildren Warren’s idea of relaxation is different than most people. He has cycled India, hiked Baffin Island, trekked Borneo, canoed the Yukon and soaked in geothermal pools in Iceland. Looking at tax issues from a different perspective gives him a unique ability to identify issues and opportunities. In US and cross-border tax, this skill is invaluable. Warren’s entire career has… Read More


Steven Flynn

By the Numbers 11 Grey Cups attended 5 Golf handicap index 1 Olympic Gold medal held (while volunteering at the 2010 Winter Games) 1 daughter with his wife Kelian. As a child in Saskatchewan, Steven had two dream careers: astronaut and comedian. Though he thinks there is still time for either, he remains dedicated and committed to his US cross-border tax clients and staff. The complex and high level knowledge that a US cross-border tax practitioner develops often feels like… Read More


Jay Park

By the Numbers 10,000+ meters running weekly during soccer practices 5 cities lived in (Seoul, Vancouver, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Cleveland) 1 daughter with wife Gina An asset to clients not an expense. Jay always put himself in the client’s shoes and strives to find the best solutions for clients. He has helped clients with their US and cross-border tax issues. His expertise covers a broad range of US and cross-border tax issues relating to both individuals and businesses. Practice Expertise US… Read More